We’ve sunset our newsletter in favor of posting to the 6 Months Later website. You can still read the newsletter archive here.

Going forward, here’s where you’ll be able to find core parts that made up the newsletter:

6 Months Later Website:

On the 6 Months Later site, you can now:

  • See what’s published outside of the YouTube algorithm
  • New! Read our reviews and comparisons
  • Get product links to check prices:
New product links with photos on
  • Shop our favorite products and check sales at a glance:
Click Shop on and you’ll be taken to a page that shows our favorite products. We hope to expand this page to include more retailers in the future.
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed and use an RSS reader to read our posts, or use a free service like FeedRabbit to push the RSS feed posts to your email inbox.
What it looks like when you subscribe to the 6 Months Later RSS feed via Feedrabbit.
  • You can get the link to our RSS Feed any time by clicking on the RSS icon, found next to the search bar:


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