Founding and Mission

Founded in 2017

Driven by a passion for videography and a desire to share tech advice, Josh Teder founded the 6 Months Later Reviews YouTube channel in May 2017. Josh saw a gap in the market for in-depth, long-term reviews, and aimed to fill it with clear and informative videos. He later shortened the name to 6 Months Later in 2021, reflecting the channel’s expansion beyond reviews to include comparison and how-to videos.

The Mission

To help people better understand the long-term impacts of the technology around them.

Our Content


Long-term look at products after six months of use. Our main goal is to answer the question “is it worth it?”


Two products or services go head-to-head. Our goal here is to answer the question “which one is better?”


A look at how to use specific products and services. The goal here is to answer: “how do I use it?”

Ethics Statement

Partner Program Disclosures

Paid Content, Integrated Ads, and Free Products

We partner with various brands to help subsidize the cost of producing our content. This can include, but is not limited to: being paid to integrate an ad into our content, or receiving a product from a brand at no cost.

Anytime we are paid to integrate an ad, receive a product for free, or are paid to do an entire video, that information will be disclosed within the first 45 seconds of a video.

Affiliate Marketing

To help cover the cost of creating our content, we also use affiliate marketing. This means when we link to a product in our videos, website, or other content, and someone clicks that link and buys it, we earn a small commission.

These are the affiliate programs we are currently a part of:

  • Amazon Associates Program
  • AmeriDroid Affiliate Program
  • YouTube Shopping

We’ll always let you know when a link is an affiliate link. You’ll see a clear notice right next to or above it. If you find a link you believe to be an affiliate link but isn’t properly marked, please contact us.

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About This Site

6 Months Later is proud to support and utilize open source software.